The Shade Effect

The Shade Effect

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They say the Darkness is not as horrible as those who hide inside it. The light disperses the darkness but horrible monsters remain. Is it worth fighting your fears face to face or is it better to be in the dark? Hide in a quiet corner and survive… And what if you switch on the light and realize that there is nobody but YOU around? Does that mean YOU are the monster? Are you ready to enter a dark room with only a burning match in your hand?
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OS: Windows XP/VISTA/7
CPU: 1.0 GHz
RAM: 1 Gb
DirectX: 9.0c
Hard Drive: Mb

Full Version Advantages:

  • First Awem Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game
  • Become part of the mystic world
  • Reunite with the survived and find yourself
  • Perfect graphics and sound effects
  • Unique atmosphere
  • Dive into The Shade Effect!
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The Shade Effect
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Trophies: 0 / 422
11:26 15 October 2013
As an 'old' gamer - I wish AWEM would re-consider Golden Trails 4 (and 5). Golden Trails along with the Cradle series are the BEST on the net - for PC of course - the ipads & androids would also like to see it as well.
Trophies: 246 / 422
10:01 24 October 2013
The Golden Trails series is paramount of all existing hidden object games present! I thoroughly enjoyed all 3 but differ on my favorite was Golden Trails: New Western Rush Image When you have a WINNER - AWEM should keep rollin' with it... Only #4 & yes #5 might travel forward in timeImage Roaring Twenties, 20 Century, or even, Space Age (futuristic) would be awesome Image Image
Trophies: 422 / 422
08:50 28 October 2013
Totally agree - I love this series as well.
Trophies: 89 / 422
11:50 10 March 2014
Not much of a trailer for The Shade Effect. But it's enough to keep me interestedImage
Trophies: 326 / 422
15:13 31 March 2014
any idea when this would be published ?