The Island: Castaway 2

Travel back in time and learn the prehistory of the Island. Explore the already familiar paths anew, solve tons of new quests and follow an absolutely gripping story filled with dozens of mysteries, tricky riddles and unexpected twists and turns.

The island, where you know something about the smallest leaf, turns into a completely new place full of mysteries and secrets. Find out why the tribe left the old village, discover how the Sanctuary looked like and learn how the ship appeared right in the Heart of the Island! In The Island: Castaway 2, you play as a teenage islander Yati. Become one of the tribesmen and learn all of the tribe’s secretes, now it’s up to you to make important decisions, overcome obstacles and carry the day!

The Island: Castaway 2 features original characters, intriguing storyline to follow and lots of activities like hunting, fishing, farming, handicraft, trade, and even sorcery. The Island awaits!
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The Island: Castaway 2 game screenshots
The Island: Castaway 2 game screenshots
The Island: Castaway 2 game screenshots
The Island: Castaway 2 game screenshots
The Island: Castaway 2 game screenshots
The Island: Castaway 2 game screenshots
The Island: Castaway 2 game screenshots
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OS: Windows XP/VISTA/7/8
CPU: 900 MHz
RAM: 1 Gb
DirectX: 8.0
Hard Drive: 493.42 Mb
The Island: Castaway 2 ™

The Island: Castaway 2 Full Version Advantages:

  • Huge island with many unique areas to explore
  • Thrilling plot full of mysteries and intrigues
  • More than 300 quests to solve
  • 16 original characters
  • 12 vegetables, nine mushrooms and herbs, three animals
  • Five magic potions
  • Stunning artwork

The Island: Castaway 2 User Comments:

Trophies: 183 / 422
12:18 14 May 2015
Hello Guys Got An Official Confirmation From Awem Team on Facebook For The Island Castaway 3 for PC, Hope it Eases and keeps the hopes alive SmileAwem GamesHello Prashant!

Thank you so much for your kind words about our games. We really appreciate it.
Unfortunately at the moment work on the project 'Island castaway 3' was paused. We have focused our efforts on the development of Cradle of Empires and Letters from Nowhere: Hidden Object Mystery.
But things may change. Please stay tuned! Thanks again!
Kind Regards,
Awem Team
Trophies: 0 / 422
15:54 26 July 2015

    Version: Full

Hand Up Pros:  Almost everything, except...

Hand Down Cons:  It's 2015 and still no TIC3. Come on...

Comment Comment: 

Trophies: 136 / 422
02:24 14 August 2015
hey guys,I think never the island castaway3comes.I try to right the island castaway 3 with the island castaway 2graf.its not easy to programming island castaway 3.I must tell you the islamd castaway 3 has got 13chapters.Im trying to program the island castaway 3 like the islan castaway 2 & 1.but I now that I cant do it like awem studio.but I will do my best.island castaway 2 is for 2006,2007,2008.Image
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The Island: Castaway 2
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