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Romance Of Rome. Game Preview

Romance Of Rome. Game Preview

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11 Mar 2009

Romance Of Rome™ Home Page

Awem studio is revealing screen shots for  Romance Of Rome. Let's have a look to the upcoming game.

Romance Of Rome blends a hidden object game with elements of quest using a traditional approach to the genre. At the same time, the game holds lots of challenging puzzles and original twists for your entertainment. Along with cool graphics and a soothing atmosphere, the plot will also attract you.

The game greets you with a familiar scene from Cradle Of Rome. Aside from this, they have nothing else in common.

Romance Of Rome

The story of the game revolves around William, a descendant of an honored family. To restore his family's former titles, he needs to find an ancient script in the local library. William comes across an imperial relic and learns of Tiberius’ royal decree. He discovers that the royal family owned seven sacred relics, but they were lost long ago. Any person who brings them back gets the hand of the Emperor’s daughter. Here the adventure begins. Complete all the quests to reveal the deepest secret to win the heart of the beautiful daughter of Caesar!

Romance Of Rome

In all, 21 locations await your exploration. Along with characteristic graphics, and challenging inventory-based puzzles, the market makes up the most notable thing about Romance Of Rome. Here you upgrade your hero by buying clothes and accessories, giving presents at parties, interacting with characters and going out on a date.

Romance Of Rome

Like most hidden object games, Romance Of Rome introduces a list of items for each scene. The game contains several types of objects with the normal items as part of your checklist.  You also find other tools to add to your inventory for later use in uncovering another item. For example, once you find a hammer, use it to break the vase to find a necklace or make the crow leave to return the girl’s earrings.

The tools in the inventory appear in the list in the upper right corner of your screen. Search for them in random and unexpected places. You may not need the inventory tools until you reach other locations. So move back and forth to find all the items and experiment with your inventory to solve the puzzles.

Romance Of Rome

Romance Of Rome has no time limits or penalties for random clicking, so take your time and relish the experience. The hint meter replenishes in a flicker to ensure a pleasing and relaxing game with Romance Of Rome.

You can move around from one scene to another with the help of a map. So no staying stuck in one place plus you can use your inventory in other scenes for added fun.

Many more things await you  in Romance Of Rome.  I was very excited about what I saw so far in Romance Of Rome. Get ready for an exciting trip around Rome.

As we found out the official release is planned early April. After the release Romance Of Rome will be exclusive at for a month. So don't miss it out.