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Holly 2: Magic Land. World of Childhood

Holly 2: Magic Land. World of Childhood

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10 Jul 2009

  • Pros: Stunning, bright and flowery graphics. Kid-friendly story. Fairy tale atmosphere. Adorable characters.
  • Cons: Game play not innovative. Too easy for experienced players. Irritating fanfare.Holly 2: Magic Land game
Have you ever dreamed of revisiting childhood? Do you miss bedtime stories? Holly 2: Magic Land will take you right back to that sweet and carefree time of your life.

Holly 2: Magic Land is a hidden object game with attractive graphics, a fairy tale story and characters. While the original Holly: A Christmas Tale reminds me of Cinderella or Snow White, Holly 2: Magic Land is more like Alice in Wonderland. Well, actually, the title speaks for itself: Magic Land, the land of childhood.

Holly 2: Magic Land is more for kids than for experienced players. The game has charm and its own unique atmosphere.

From the story, you learn that it is Holly’s birthday and right on this day Holly’s daughter goes missing. A jolly elf comes to tell Holly to look for her daughter in Magic Land. So you join the main heroine and the elf as go on a fascinating journey in search of the little girl. You’ll meet lots of adorable characters, complete many tasks and solve plenty of puzzles.

Holly 2: Magic Land hidden object scenes include all the different types expected in a standard HOG. Yes, that means finding listed items; items of the same kind like sweets, jewels or shells; pictures or silhouettes of items to find and find-the-differences. The tasks that call for finding glowing worms or flowers with droplets inside are amusing. This resembles the so-called pixel-hunting, but it is fun to see the scenery items transform, glow or move. Regardless, Holly 2: Magic Land introduces nothing new.

Holly 2: Magic Land gameEvery level has time limits, but it's easy to finish the level in half the time. The game doesn't penalize for wrong clicks, something that makes it easier for the younger set. Every scene contains three golden strawberries for finding and gaining another hint. All earned hints carry over to the next level.

The six different puzzles aren't hard, but they diversify the game play. They include a pipe game, memory game and a jigsaw puzzle.

Holly 2: Magic Land impresses with its bright and flowery graphics. Each rich scene looks like an illustration right from a good storybook, which will attract children. The jolly music is fine until the fanfare that plays loudly at the end of each level and sounds irritating.

Although,Holly 2: Magic Land won't make the hit list, it still offers a joyous and relaxing adventure for kids and novicesAdults can find pleasure in traveling back to the wonderful world of childhood, but veterans of the genre won't face any challenge. So it's up to you if it's worth experiencing a fairy tale with rich graphics with little challenge.

Holly 2: Magic Land game   Holly 2: Magic Land game   Holly 2: Magic Land game