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Dream Chronicles. A Spell Of Dream

Dream Chronicles. A Spell Of Dream

Review from

25 Feb 2009

  • Pros: intriguing and enchanting storyline, stunning artwork, soothing soundtrack, challenging puzzles.
  • Cons: tends to be short, scenes can’t be revisited.

Dream ChroniclesOne day, Faye, a young woman and the main heroine wakes up to learn that her husband Fidget is missing. In her head she hears his voice guiding her. She learns that Lilith, a Fairy Queen of Dreams has sent her spell over the world, and Faye’s young daughter is deeply asleep from one of these spells. Faye is left alone to get to the heart of the matter, break the spell and find her husband. Your task is to help her.

At the very beginning you find Fidget’s diary, which will guide you throughout the adventure. At first it will tell you almost every your step. But as you proceed further into the adventure it gives less and less advice.

Dream ChroniclesDream Chronicles is a very nice seek-and-find adventure with many mysterious puzzles in store for you to solve. It is not a simple or typical hidden object game, but is more similar to an adventure or quest game. Dream Chronicles resembles Myst in a way, but is much simpler. All the items you collect can be used only within the location you found them in, but not in future puzzles.

There are various puzzles and their difficulty varies as well. The main point is to proceed from room-to-room and to find ways to open them. On your way you’ll meet “seek-and-use mechanics”. For example, you will have to find a screwdriver to undo the bolts in order to open the trapdoor. Or you will have to reproduce a tune in the right order on a piano. You will be asked to place some objects in the right sequence or in their right places as in the scene with animals before you get into Faye daughter’s room.

Almost all the objects in the room can be described to you by Faye, you just need to click on them and you’ll have a statement with, probably, a hint. When you enter a room or any location for the first time, Faye makes some entry statement to set you on the right track.

If you are stuck, you can get a hint and the object you’re looking for twinkles on the screen. It’s a convenient feature, as you can spend a lot of time looking for something very tiny, and it can be right where you have already looked for it but for some reason didn’t see it. This can get exasperating quickly, right? The twinkling hint is a great help.

Moreover, in each scene you will find some tiny colored gems, special Dream Pieces, lying here and there. Picking them up raises your score, which is revealed when the game is completed. These tiny pieces are automatically mounted into Dream Jewels which are in your diary. Unfortunately, you cannot revisit the scenes to pick up unnoticed gems. After you have beaten the game you can post your results online and compare them with the results of other fans of Dream Chronicles.

Another important part of the save game feature is that if you leave the game having not solved all the puzzles within a scene, you will have to start the scene from the very beginning. So you’d better finish it before turning off your computer.

The most pleasant and fascinating part of Dream Chronicles is its artwork. The graphics are stunning, the locations are charming and you will want to see the upcoming levels and what the designers have created. The soundtrack is delicate and soothing, and Dream Chronicles brings you to the world of mystery and creates an appropriate atmosphere.

On completing Dream Chronicles you will really have a strong desire to continue your adventure and it screams for a longer plot or some more scenes of gameplay. But, in general, Dream Chronicles produce a great and deep impression. It is really enjoyable experience and a rewarding game. Dream Chronicles is a nice mixture of puzzles and adventure, artwork and music. Let yourself slip into its intriguing, mysterious and enchanting story.

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