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Dream Chronicles 2. Dreamy World

Dream Chronicles 2. Dreamy World

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9 Nov 2008


Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze
  • Pros: gorgeous graphics and enchanting music, wide variety and various level difficulty of puzzles, found items can be used in different locations.
  • Cons: “Meditate Now” mini-game tends to be difficult.

The Dream Chronicles world of mystery and riddles is back after the first Dream Chronicles amazed lovers and admirers of enigmatic stories and worthy puzzles. The sequel Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze follows in its forerunner’s path and delights its players with gorgeous graphics and enchanting music.

Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal MazeIn the first Dream Chronicles you became acquainted with the main heroine Fairy who had a difficult task fall upon her. Lilith, the Queen of the Fairies, kidnapped her beloved husband Fidget and her young daughter Lyra was put under a sleep of deep sleep. But, as of the first Dream Chronicles, she did not manage to rescue her husband. Now she sets off on a new adventure in search of her family.

Within Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze you will need to face a number of puzzles and complete scene with new items to find. Yet, even within The Eternal Maze, you will not finish the story. But do not be disheartened Dream Chronicle fans because the story hints to a Dream Chronicles 3.

The game play does not differ extremely from the original yet there are still numbers of features to admire. As with the first, you wander about dreamy location and find items which can be used to complete your tasks and continue; just like a key opening a door or box. The newly added feature is that some hidden objects now can be used in other locations in the game. This may sound like a nice feature, but in reality it increases the difficulty. I am sure though that experienced players will enjoy this new challenge.

Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal MazeIn following the tradition, Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze is filled with all the imaginable puzzle games and has a delightful mystic shade. Some other these puzzles require logical and proper thinking; while some of them are rather simple. You will come across a couple of mazes and, of course, you will not be able to avoid Simon-like mini-games or jigsaw puzzles. It is clear that Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze is a huge receptacle of challenging and engaging brainteasers.

Another striking difference with the newest Dream Chronicles concerns the Dream Jewels. If in the original Dream Chronicles you had to find special Dream Pieces, which were automatically fixed into dream Jewels, now you have to find the Jewels themselves. Now it is much easier to deal with Dream Pieces. Another improvement is that in the original Dream Chronicles you had to click several times to pick up a Gem, now it is simplified. You get a screen with an explanation only once and then you pick them up with just one click.

Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal MazeThe purpose of the Jewels changed too. In the previous part of the game tiny dream gems only gave score points. Now you have a brand new option. When all the Dream Pieces are inserted into the Dream Jewel, you are offered to “meditate”. That means you can reveal one of the mysteries that can help you in your adventure. Remember that you can still solve the puzzle later in your diary. These puzzles are word scrambles. You are asked a question and are provided with a number of words. Your task is to put all the words into a sentence and after you find the answer you are given more detailed information on this question. Sorry to say, but the word scrambles are hard at times and require a lot of time. When you choose the order of randomly scattered words, you never know if it Is correct until and last piece is placed and you will have to start over not knowing where the problem is if you make a mistake.

Just like in the earlier Dream Chronicles you can use tricky hints. These are from the items that you need to use to find the twinkle on the screen. So watch carefully, as sometimes you will definitely need a hint and this is the only way to get some help.

Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal MazeThe artwork is gorgeously dreamy and it adds some special coloring to the entire atmosphere of mystery and enigma and is a true feature of Dream Chronicles games. The backdrops are fragrant with eye-soothing nature and landscapes while the sounds of the game are incredibly enchanting and fascinating. The visual and sound aspects are greatly satisfying and create a real Dream World.

Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze is one of those games that will be engraved in your memory and win over your heart. Don’t hesitate even for a moment and give it a try and you will see how much you’ll feel delighted and how deeply motivated you’ll be to complete Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze.

                    Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze   Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze   Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze