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Cake Mania 4: Main Street. Bakersfield Renaissance

Cake Mania 4: Main Street. Bakersfield Renaissance

7 Oct 2009

  • Pros: Four shops to upgrade. Eccentric clients. Rush bonus. Polished graphics.
  • Cons: Gets too hard at times. Similar to previous releases.
Cake Mania: Main Street gameIt’s always a pleasure to catch up with old friends. If you are a time management games fan, you’ll most likely remember Jill Evans, a sweet bakery owner. In Cake Mania 3, Jill took amazing trips through time and space. After taking a break and enjoy quiet time in her hometown of Bakersfield, Jill faces trouble again. The recently opened Bakers Corner mega mall has caused small business to shut down. The always creative Jull brings her friends together to revive Main Street in Bakersfield.

Cake Mania: Main Street has you managing four different shops. You can only play Evans Bakery in the beginning. The game play resembles the first three installments of Cake Mania. As soon as a client drops into the shop, Jill hands him a menu. She bakes the cake in the oven, covers with various toppings and gives the order to the happy client, who leaves money on the counter.

After a few levels in the Evans Bakery, you unlock Jack's Burger Barn. You can either continue playing Jill’s restaurant or buy this shop.  Jack has its own restaurant management style that involves different game play. You serve various burgers (just like in Burger Island or Stand O’Food) by selecting the needed ingredients in the correct order. And voila, the tasty burgers are ready!

The other two locales
feature Risha's Flowers and Sumo Shushi. You unlock them later in the game and their game play is similar to Evans Bakery and Jack's Burger Barn restaurants. The main difference comes in the goods you sell.

Cake Mania: Main Street gameCake Mania 4 includes 100 levels, each with a specific goal to reach. You need to earn a specific amount of cash and reach a super star goal. Cash helps you to upgrade your shops and buy more restaurants. When you progress through the game, you’ll be able to upgrade various buildings in the town that’ll increase your daily income.

The same clients visit the four shops. They are funny and have their own specific character traits, some of which you find in Cake Mania 3. For example, the vampire bites other customers, the crook steals money if you aren’t quick enough and the aristocrat activates the “Rush Bonus” which is similar to the “Sugar Rush” in Cake Mania 3.

Trophy room adds a nice novelty where you can earn three trophies in each shop: finishing all the levels, finishing each level of that shop with expert score and upgrading everything in the restaurant.

Cake Mania: Main Street has the high quality cartoon images that we've come to love in the series. The story also appears in comic format.

Main Street makes for a nice sequel in the Cake Mania series with a couple of fresh ideas and novelties. And if you are a time management game lover, give it a shot in the confectionary industry and help Jill revive Bakersfield!

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