Cradle Of Egypt

Download this amazing Match 3 game for Free and enjoy the goodies in the full version of the game.

Embark on the most fascinating journey with Cradle Of Egypt game! Explore the lands of the Pharaohs and enjoy the most miraculous constructions in the entire history of human civilization in this extremely delightful match-3 puzzle game!

Cradle Of Egypt is the fourth installment in the Cradle series and the sequel to the hit puzzle games Cradle Of Rome 1-2 and Cradle Of Persia. Journey through five ancient epochs with 100 match-3 levels and build your own Egypt. Starting from a small village, develop your settlement into the most powerful civilization, the cradle of all civilizations! Make matches of three or more similar tiles to collect resources, construct various buildings such as the gorgeous Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and magnificent temples of the ancient civilization.

Cradle Of Egypt features beautiful hand drawn graphics, great bonuses, challenging mini-games, over 25 trophies, three modes of play, and possibility to choose between timed and relaxed modes in Adventure.

Try the game for free and unlock all the goodies in the full version.
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Cradle Of Egypt game screenshots
Cradle Of Egypt game screenshots
Cradle Of Egypt game screenshots
Cradle Of Egypt game screenshots
Cradle Of Egypt game screenshots
Cradle Of Egypt game screenshots
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OS: Windows XP/VISTA/7/8
CPU: 1.0 GHz
RAM: 1 Gb
DirectX: 9.0 (128 MB VideoCard)
Hard Drive: 143.76 Mb
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Cradle Of Egypt Full Version Advantages:

  • 100 Levels of match-3 gameplay
  • Challenging puzzle mini-games to play
  • Five gorgeous epochs to complete
  • Adventure, Unlimited, Blitz modes of play
  • Relaxed and Timed modes in Adventure
  • Great bonuses and over 25 original trophies
  • Journey to the cradle of all civilizations!
  • Download a free trial of Cradle Of Egypt

Cradle Of Egypt Collector`s Edition™ User Comments:

Trophies: 0 / 422
11:46 03 September 2014
Help ! help ! help !

First, I apologize for my bad English, and also if I don't post to the right place!

I play the game Cradle of Egypt (in France, on my TV), I'm a fan, but ...... I'm stuck !!!! (and I cry ... Sad )

(at the level 56)
In this table, there are two distinct areas separated by 'blocks' irremovable.

On the upper zone, that's OK, all the marble slabs are removed.
On the lower zone, it remains 4 tiles and I no longer find swap boxes..
'Working' on the top area does not change the lower zone (the converse isn't true, but it does not change the problem)

Similarly, possible indices (-1000 pts) always target the upper zone.
In addition to this table, the bonus does not destroy blocks, but simply increases the value of the points obtained

Well, now .... if it's done, too bad ... I would go see another game Sad
But if anyone can help me, well ... thank you in advance!

Best Regards
Trophies: 25 / 422
13:20 26 May 2015
Незнаю але хочу пограти
Trophies: 0 / 422
21:42 12 October 2015

    Version: Full

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Comment Comment:  I bought the game and now I can't play it. Can you help me, please?

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Cradle Of Egypt
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