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Age of Rome

Age of Rome™

Bored with all the sugary slow-paced action of the classic match 3 puzzles? Time to venture where no match 3 game has gone before with Age of Rome – one of the most amazing, unique, and challenging match 3 puzzles of all time! What makes the game so awesome and so different?

Age of Rome™ Features:

  • Quick and intensive gameplay of the next generation match 3 puzzle – so familiar, yet so fresh and different
  • A great variety of power-ups that significantly deepen the gameplay
  • The opportunity to build a mighty city and fill it with talented citizens, who provide boosts and perks
  • High-voltage Facebook-powered competition with your friends on all of the available platforms
  • The ability to play anytime, anywhere with full cross platform synchronization
  • Magnificent artwork and animation with a heaping dose of crisp sound and music that create the incredible atmosphere of Ancient Rome
Go on a quest for glory and become the great Emperor of Rome! Match, build, win! Let’s Rock’n’Rome!
The Shade Effect

The Shade Effect™

They say the Darkness is not as horrible as those who hide inside it. The light disperses the darkness but horrible monsters remain. Is it worth fighting your fears face to face or is it better to be in the dark? Hide in a quiet corner and survive… And what if you switch on the light and realize that there is nobody but YOU around? Does that mean YOU are the monster? Are you ready to enter a dark room with only a burning match in your hand?

The Shade Effect™ Features:

  • First Awem Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game
  • Become part of the mystic world
  • Reunite with the survived and find yourself
  • Perfect graphics and sound effects
  • Unique atmosphere
  • Dive into The Shade Effect!
Cradle Of Empires

Cradle of Empires™

When boredom of uninventive match-3 puzzles prevails and the hope is lost, it all comes down to the single game… Become the Chosen One and help the ancient empire rise from its ruins in Cradle of Empires – an adventurous match-3 puzzle with deep storyline, thrilling quests, and appealing characters!
Becoming the Chosen One is definitely not a walk in a park, though. Therefore, here are some things you are going to need to become the Emperor of all Emperors:

Cradle of Empires™ Features:

    You are going to battle 6 different kinds of match-3 puzzle. Do you think you can master them all?
    You are but a newcomer now, but your great aim will provide you with strength to grow in skill, level, and power.
    Use all the help you can get. A multitude of well-crafted bonuses, power-ups, amulets, and collections of artifacts are available for you in the battle against the ancient evil.
    In addition to the major significance of your ultimate goal, the following virtues are going to keep you motivated on your way to becoming the Glorious Savior:
    You are about to play an adventure with lots of match-3 gameplay and elements of city builder. How awesome is that?
    …With unexpected twists, interesting quests, and lots of appealing characters. Just the way you love it!
    We have a huge amount of exciting updates ready for you, and even more of them planned and in development. Play on and stay tuned!
    The music is mesmerizing; artwork and animation are completely stunning. Believe us, you are going to enjoy it a lot!
Go on a quest for glory and become the great Emperor of Rome! Match, build, win! Let’s Rock’n’Rome!