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Get hold of The Island: Castaway for your iPad and iPhone

We are happy to remind you that The Island: Castaway is available for iOS now. This extremely addictive simulation adventure game has become mobile. Now you can penetrate into the mysteries of the island wherever you are.

After an ocean liner crashes, you regain consciousness on an isolated island and have heaps of quests to solve ahead of you. To survive the perils of the island you have to find food, collect fruit and grow vegetables, learn to fish and chase after wild boars, catch snakes and even prepare potions.

Explore the enigmatic island, find clues, fulfill tasks and decrypt ancient writings to find out the mysteries hidden by this forgotten place. Now on your iPad and iPhone!


Get hold of The Island: Castaway for your iPad and iPhone Comments:

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This is very good news for iPeople!
Avatar fileorgin
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Island Castaway game for iPad on TutuApp.
Avatar lynnlibbrecht
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·       This game is great and rewarding. I like it very much. Hope to read more posts from you.
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Avatar pradip
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best guide for PokeSniper 
Avatar leminhtan
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Cua Hang Sam Yen Thinh Phat xin gioi thieu cac loai banh trung thu tai Chau Doc dac biet thom ngon
Avatar stephenmintz35
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