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The Island: Castaway 2 Review. Explore the Familiar Paths Anew

Pros: Engaging story, good visual representation, quests

Cons: Local language terms

The catchy story of the mystic island returns. The Island: Castaway 2 mixes simulation with adventure in revealing the intriguing history of the island. You travel back in time to explore the familiar yet different island.

Except for its layout, the island looks the same as The Island: Castaway. As you venture around the island, questions pop up. Why did the tribe leave the old village? What did the sanctuary use to look like? Whose skeletons were in the cave? You can find the answers to these questions in The Island: Castaway 2.

You play teenage islander Yati, an orphan raised by the tribe. It gives you a unique opportunity to be part of the tribe while delving into its secrets. The fate of the tribe rests in your hands. You become a binding link between the tribe, the shaman, and the strangers on the island. But don't break the rules or you'll experience the tribe's wrath!

Eventually, Yati has to solve the riddles of the Totem, pass a test, and further his place in the tribe. He'd like to become a brave hunter, but the story takes an unexpected turn.

Many quests await you in The Island: Castaway 2. You'll collect fruit, hunt birds and wild boars, cook, go fishing, talk to people, and create recipes. You'll have a bag to carry items, recipes, and potions. You'll need to master those potions to survive.

Brief help notes guide you through the game. All the tasks appear at the bottom of the screen and you can work on them whenever you like. The map helps when you need to find the right person. The map contains stars that show you where each character is located. Some stars are yellow meaning you the person wants to talk to you. Red stars indicate you have a quest to complete for that person. And the green star is a completed quest.

The mystic island is dangerous especially for those who aren't familiar with its traditions. This time the snakes are not as aggressive as they were in the original game. They don't bite unless you touch what they're guarding. However, those ever-hungry crocodiles, or teeth-a-lots as the tribe calls them, take over. Be on the alert while going to the Marshy or Ancestors Wood. If you aren't careful, you'll faint. Although you have unlimited lives, you could lose something precious from your bag.

You have to manage a lot of things in the game. And your efforts are rewarded with trophies that you can earn for collecting things, trading, hunting, improving tools, or helping the professor to find rare items. These collection of rare items is much bigger the collection of statues in The Island: Castaway.

Local names for plants add an authenticity to the game's atmosphere. Watermelons turn into stripeys, potatoes into earth apples, turnips into sweet roots. You'll feel like you've been cast away to another world in The Island: Castaway 2.


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