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Golden Trails: The New Western Rush Concept Art

When making Golden Trails: The New Western Rush, we were trying to choose vivid and the most pleasant to the eye locations, create bright and remarkable characters. Artwork is always one of the most exciting aspects of the game development. Artists are those people who create a big world of the game, fill it with living creatures and set the appropriate atmosphere and mood.

Golden Trails: The New Western Rush is a game with western setting, so it’s natural that we had to take into account every little detail in order to create a true Wild West world. Some of the locations underwent considerable changes before they went into the game.

Let’s have a look at the creation of the Wild West world.


The first variant of the Bank is a typical western construction. However, it was too simple and flat, and looked like a Holywood decoration. So, we changed the whole construction and made the whole place a bit warmer and lively, filled with soft and welcoming colors.

Here are two different sketches of the Church. The first one presents a stone building which is not typical of western towns and cities. It looks bulky and bleak. So, we refused it. The second sketch reveals a small wooden church. As you can see from the third picture, we moved it closer to the player thus creating a small and at the same time convenient place for search.

Trying to find the right foreshortening. The first two pictures are the sketches of the Farm. The first one is far away from the player, while the second is a bit unwieldy. So we steered the middle course.

Neil Barrow’s Mansion. Neil Barrow is one of the richest men in the city. So we had to create a luxurious house. The first sketch depicts a living room of generous proportions with sumptuous leather furniture and a huge window. But our task was to keep to the country style. So we changed the concept and added wooden material, such as wooden staircase, wooden floors and ceiling, elements of wood in furniture and even a luxurious chandelier is also made of wood.

From sketches to color pictures.

Sheriff’s Office and Mine Yard.

Canyon and Forest. Refining locations.


Cowboy Joe
Cowboy Joe is a true cowboy; he is brave, rude and adventurous. We tried to think over every detail of his appearance to convey his character.

Catahecassa, Tribe Chief
Though the Tribe Chief is not the main character of the game, he is a vivid image of an American Indian. His part in the story is small. However his adds greatly to the game atmosphere and is one of the brightest characters of Golden Trails: The New Western Rush.

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Thanks for sharing. Great job! Sometimes we can't even imagine how much effort it requires to draw such detailed locations you use in the game.
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