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Golden Trails 3: The Guardian's Creed Developer's Diary. Part I

Our awem team is grateful to fans like you for buckling up to play Golden Trails. Thanks to your desire for great adventures and puzzles, we've decided to continue the series. Here we give you a peek into the development process and share a few secrets.

Choosing the Theme

When we started working on Golden Trails 3, we wanted to create a new experience while improving the game. As you know, the Golden Trails series began as a traditional Western that morphed into a story about pirates. Now we take you to another world, the world of Templars.

Golden Trails 3: The Guardian’s Creed is based on the many legends about the Templars. The Templars theme has grown popular in recent years, and its stories intrigued our team. We've done pirates and cowboys, so the next theme was a no-brainer.

Our artists wanted to delve into fantasy realms and let their imaginations fly. We had to rope ourselves down and remember this was a continuation of the "Golden Trails" series. We put our heads together to find a way to create a realistic setting while capturing the mysteries of Templars.

Creating the Atmosphere

Although the events take place at the turn of the 18th century, the player gets a taste of medieval history, the epoch when the Order of Knight Templars originated. The mysteries of Templars spill over into the story as its past affects the Golden Trails 3 characters' lives.

Details such as ivy on the walls, characters in monks' robes, and Latin writing in stone transport players to medieval times.

A few of the locations represent medieval times.

Spiritual inscriptions, medieval armory, and statues contribute to the medieval atmosphere in the game.

Developing the Main Characters

All the characters must meet our high standards and, of course, represent the time they live in. So we had to work on every little detail of each character – from clothing and hair style to facial expressions and poses.


Jacques, the main character. He needed to look young and energetic. After creating his face, our artists sketched his clothes working their way through every little detail. Here is the result. Find ten differences

You can see how the little things make a big difference to the character. It takes time to polish the drawings to make it perfect.

Gentle and romantic Giselle. This character has to be tender and lighthearted. It's hard to resist her deep blue eyes.

Nasty, selfish Count de Moreau. The second picture looks more representative of the count’s personality than the first one.

It's true that our artists and designers have a magical touch.

We'll continue highlighting the main points of the development process. Next time, we'll talk about the new features of Golden Trails 3: The Guardian’s Creed. Don’t miss it!


Golden Trails 3: The Guardian's Creed Developer's Diary. Part I Comments:

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It is very exciting to have a look at the scketches!
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I always enjoy the Developer Diaries.  Thanks so much for sharing!
Avatar shadow391
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when can i get the far the golden trails series are on the top of my favorite games.
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Hi, Shadow. You and all of us will have to wait till th erelease of the game. There isn't any certain date so far.
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Giselle look gorgeous ! I love it 
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I like the developer's diaries as well! The "find 10 differences" was amusing - I found somewhere between 3 and 5! 
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Wow !! I really like the artwork, the atmosphere, the clothes, etc... I guess I will try the demo - then buy it !! - as soon as it is released.
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Cua Hang Sam Yen Thinh Phat xin gioi thieu cac loai banh trung thu tai Ba Ria dac biet thom ngon