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Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy Review. Explore the World in Search of Gold

Pros: good quality sequel, detailed visuals, search variety

Cons: jigsaw puzzle story

Where will the Awem team send the players this time? In this hidden object game sequel to Golden Trails: The New Western Rush, you embark on a journey in search of a lost pirate’s treasure. Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy takes place in England during the 18th century. You play the young and handsome Henry. The opening cut-scene reveals that the notorious Captain Morgan accuses your grandfather of piracy and condemns him to death.

The only way to save your grandfather is to do what Morgan asks, which is to find the missing logbook from the pirate ship and give it to him. Henry, of course, can't let his grandfather rot in jail and sets off to find clues to the mysteries of his family’s legacy.

The sequel takes on a darker and more mysterious tone than Golden Trails: The New Western Rush. From the beginning, the game captivates you with its unexpected twists and turns as you travel around the world, including England, Spain, South America, Africa and the Caribbean.

You'd never expect to connect old England with pirates, exotic islands and sunny Maghreb, yet it all ties together nicely. If you read all the cut-scenes and dialogs, you'll enjoy the peculiarities of the plot and learn new and surprising things about your grandfather.

The game play largely resembles Golden Trails: The New Western Rush, except it has more polish. All the hidden items appear at the bottom of the screen in a panel. Players familiar with Awem games and its tricks in presenting items at a different angle and scale will discover a challenge in finding some of the hidden objects. The game offers three options: items in plain sight, inventory items and those that more time and effort to uncover.

When you see on a hotspot on the screen, it appears highlighted in either yellow or blue. As in Golden Trails: The New Western Rush, yellow means you can do something immediate, while the blue one requires an item from your inventory to dig it out. Some of the items hide in other locations, so take your time and read the help. Players also have more to find including lucky clovers and lost items. While not necessary to finish the game, finding them all gets trophies and more points.

Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy
features many puzzles and mini-games. Unlike Golden Trails: The New Western Rush, puzzles show up in locations. The sequel also offers a bigger variety of mini-games. Puzzles and games aren't overly complex, yet they challenge players enough to keep them interested without the frustration. Some have you arranging items in the correct order, matching pairs of symbols and putting maps together to find clues.

One of the fun features in the original Golden Trails is the shooting gallery where players can shoot bandits. That's also available in the sequel, except now you need to be careful not to shoot innocent citizens.

Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy
trophy room houses your trophies, so you can check your achievements. The graphics immerse you in the world of Old England and the other places the game takes you. You'll explore the bottom of the sea, a sunken ship in the Caribbean and the sands in North Africa.

The appealing characters round out the story with many minor characters adding to the plot. All of them are reflect the times and locations in the game. Combine all the elements and you have a high quality hidden object game in Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy. Try your hand at tracking down many objects and following a thrilling treasure hunting story.


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