Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy. Developerís Diary

We know you are impatiently waiting for Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy release. Some of you beta tested the game and have already a general idea of what itís going to be like. Have a sneak peek at some artwork and the major decisions about the game.

Creating the atmosphere
Working on the plot

Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy events take place at the end of the 18th century, right after the Golden Age of Piracy. Although we choose the pirate theme as a background, we do not position Golden Trails 2 as a pirate game. Instead, we followed the original Golden Trails concept and focused on peoplesí lives and their personal stories.

Nonetheless, pirate theme contributed greatly to creating the game atmosphere and storyline. We used the most attractive details of their everyday life to establish a darker and more mysterious atmosphere, totally different to Golden Ttrails: The New Western Rush.

†††††††Right from the load screen the player feels the atmosphere of the game. Aged texture †††††††gives the feeling of the past and the main menu scenery adds a touch of mystery.

Pirates are associated with sea voyages and hidden treasures, which let us extend the plot and scatter the adventure across the continents. We chose the places most beloved by sea-robbers: the Caribbean area, shores of South America, west and north coasts of Africa.

†††††††Each episode takes the player to a new destination. The Caribbean, North Africa, †††††††Spain, South America.


We wanted the player to be immersed with the atmosphere and the game world. Our artists did their best to create distinctive locations: exotic islands of the Caribbean, an abandoned pirate ship somewhere on the ocean shore, African desert with Bedouin tents, Moroccan market, and even the witchís house.

†††††††Abandoned ship. Uninhabited Island

†††††††Bedouin Tent. Observatory

†††††††Witchesí house. Watch box


The game characters are the brightest prototypes of the epoch. Apart from the main characters, there is a number of personages who help to thicken the story and bring in additional originality to the game atmosphere.

†††††††Grace, a beautiful young lady, has a significant part in the game. Working on her †††††††image, we tried a great number of different variants of garments and accessories until †††††††we found this one.

†††††††Pirate is the speaking image of a true sea robber of those days.

†††††††The main religion of the Caribbean is Voodoo and we couldnít do without a voodoo †††††††witch, a nasty looking old woman.

New Features

We received lots of letters with your opinions and suggestions on the forthcoming game. And thatís the best thing that you can do as we take it seriously and care what you think about our games. Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy gameplay remains almost the same as in the first installment, but we added a couple of new features based on your feedbacks.

†††††††- More new mini-games

Instead of comics-based mini-games, we decided to introduce new kinds of mini-games at the end of each episode. The main idea is to keep them consistent and relevant to the plot. Additionally, there are items on the locations that contain puzzles. All of them will be diverse and you will hardly find two identical mini-games.

†††††††Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy mini-games

†††††††- A twist on the shooting gallery

The shooting gallery was one of the most favorite features. It evoked warm responses among our players and now itís even hard to imagine Golden Trails without it. In order to give a fresh touch to the shooting gallery, we decided to add a new twist Ė now peaceful citizens appear on the screen together with bandits.

†††††††A fresh touch to the shooting gallery Ė peaceful citizens appear together with bandits

†††††††- Cut-scenes

In between the episodes, we introduced short cut-scenes which unfold the storyline. We refused the main screen with all the episodes. Now the player is prompted to the next location right after the opening cut-scene. Thus we avoided unnecessary screens and simplified the interface.

†††††††However, we didnít cut off the screen with episodes completely. Itís presented in the †††††††form of a map in the Trophy Room. We also upgraded the cut-scenes: now they are †††††††not just stiff pictures, they are moving.

†††††††- Lucky clovers

We had to replace the sheriffís badge by another item which would fit into the game. Probably, the first thing that comes to mind is a black spot. However, it would bring in much more piracy into the game than we wanted. After all, we stopped on a lucky clover. According to tradition, it brings good luck to its finder, especially if found accidentally. We thought that it would perfectly fit into the concept.

†††††††After we refused to use black spots, we started to work on lucky clovers. At first there †††††††were only green clovers. Later we decided to grade them from bronze to gold.

†††††††- A new trophy room

In Golden Trails: The New Western Rush the trophy room looked like a board with badges on it. We revised the concept and used a new approach in Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy. Instead of a plain board we have a room with shelves and racks for trophies.

†††††††Golden Trails 2 Trophy Room

We hope we could satisfy your curiosity for now. However, much more fun staff await you in the game. Meanwhile, you can play the original Golden Trails: The New Western Rush, or download Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy wallpapers right now.

Come back for more screenshots and exclusive concept art.


Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy. Developerís Diary Comments:

Trophies: 96 / 422
I rather see the black spot not the clover. This game has nothing to do with Ireland or the Irish. I don't care if its lucky or not.
Trophies: 313 / 422
Weri intresting the new tings. I have tested the beta an is great!!!
Trophies: 382 / 422
The new locations are stunningly beautiful, Awem!! I'm happy to see that we will be in many different locales, making the game even more interesting. I still think that clovers don't belong in the game, but's your game! Can't wait to get started. And I do hope that you will consider bringing back another western themed game. The shooting is my favorite part of these games, when the cursor turns into a six-shooter! I will be very careful not to shoot down innocent citizens. Great twist on the original idea.
Trophies: 216 / 422
Looking forward to the next version. Hope it's a dual release again.
Trophies: 0 / 422
I played the Beta and enjoyed it immensely. Such a great direction to take this series. The artwork was rich and detailed and the storyline was fascinating and pulled me in. I was very disappointed when it ended. The mini games, as mentioned, were very relevant to the story and quite creative.I agree the clovers were a somewhat odd final decision but by no means distracted from the theme. Good job once again Devs! Another first rate game. I am so anticipating the release!
Trophies: 357 / 422
Hallo spiele die Beta Version und hoffe das das Spiel bald erschein. KŲnnst ihr schon sagen wann es kommt ??? Bitte Bitte Bald .[FONT=Arial][/FONT][B][/B]
Trophies: 0 / 422
I beta tested this game. It was a delight. Can't wait for it to be released!
Trophies: 152 / 422
No final date yet, but the game will be released April 2011
Trophies: 173 / 422
will the people who beta tested get a discount or a coupon for the game
Trophies: 152 / 422
Africanclark, yes, As usual 100 testers will get a free copy. All the rest testers a 50% coupon.
Trophies: 40 / 422
I also beta tested the game and loved it! I'm looking forward to playing the entire game, hopefully soon.
Trophies: 45 / 422
I beta tested the game and I loved it am waiting for the full version game to come out. It was a great game and I hope they continue on making games of the old west.
Trophies: 412 / 422
jestem wybredna w doborze gier. Awem tez. Wystarczy spojrzec na ilosc moich wejsc tutaj by pojac, ze jestem w pelni usatysfakcjonowana. Dziekuje Ci, Awem. Za ktora z gier? Za wszystkie typu hilden object i match3