Developerís Diary. Cradle of Rome 2. Part I

As you know Awem studio is engaged in creating Cradle Of Rome 2, the sequel to the hit puzzle game Cradle Of Rome. Making a game is a creative and demanding process. The work is in full swing. Everyone is so busy and hardly has time to enlighten the PR department about the upcoming Cradle Of Rome 2.

So, I had nothing to do but to furnish myself with all the necessary stuff, attack Awem headquarters and spy into Cradle Of Rome 2 development process. Now I am here and ready to share with you some rare bit of information Iíve heard and Iíve seen.

Letís begin!

City of Rome

The main and probably the most intriguing part which awaits you in Cradle Of Rome 2 is the city! It was redrawn for several times until the developerís team understood: ďThatís what we need!Ē

On the one hand, the main goal was to preserve the architectural style and atmosphere; on the other hand, to bring in some distinguishing features into the new city. When the fist variant of the city map was ready, it looked rather atmospheric and attractive. However, after the buildings were modeled and the images were finalized, the city seemed to lack somethingÖ something very important. Every single element looked great and beautiful but there was no real harmony and the feel of entity.

†††††Sketches of the first Cradle Of Rome 2 city.

So the work at the City Map was put off. Later on the artist team got a creative task from the lead designer of the project Ė to rearrange all the buildings on the map as they see it. So it was like a competition. As a result they got many variants and only some of them, the best ones, were chosen for further consideration.

†††††Some more sketches of the city. But only the best one was chosen!

While looking through sketches of the new city, there appeared a very simple and obvious idea. The city lacked its heart! Of course, there were streets and squares like in every real city. But the goal was to create a dream-city and every city must have a heart.

Among several city maps there was the one with its central part, the heart. What a coincidence! This work belonged to the very artist who was working at the original Cradle Of Rome. It's fate. We are on the right track!

So, in the middle of the city is a beautiful square with fountains and all the streets meet here. Now the city looks immense and agreeable at the same time. It has its heart! And now everyone who looks at it is sure the city couldn't be better!

†††††Here is part of final Cradle Of Rome 2 city. Itís so exciting that we decided to carry on an intrigue †††††and let the players reveal the cityís heart themselves.


Match-three remains the key genre in Cradle Of Rome 2 BUT pleasant surprises await. The developer's team is thinking to introduce absolutely new game levels filled with additional challenges. To some extend itís a kind of risk when you bring in some novelty. Well, as they say ĎNothing venture, nothing winí.

†††††Cradle Of Rome 2 screenshot #1

From the very beginning there were many ideas of what features to add and how they will be perceived by the players. The most important point here is not to overcomplicate things and keep reasonable balance between amount of innovation and gameplay simplicity, between level difficulty and challenge.

Unlike Cradle Of Rome, Cradle Of Rome 2 will feature fun mini-games. Now you need to put together a blueprint in order to buy a new building.

†††††Cradle Of Rome 2 screenshot #2

Cradle Of Rome 2 will be diversified with new puzzling shapes and barriers like obstructive Skulls, or helpful Multi-Shapes which can be matched with two identical items on the board, or simply Frozen Tiles which will increase challenge and call for strategic thinking.

Game Modes

Almost without any hesitation the designers decided to add two more modes of play. Why? Because it provides more diversity and extra challenge, helps to make the game even more exciting.

†††††Cradle Of Rome 2 menu bar

Adventure remains the main mode of the game with over 100 levels of matching fun and exhilarating process of building the City of Rome. As soon as you play enough of ďAdventureĒ you will get the possibility to unlock more levels in Tourney and Blitz modes.

Get ready for the frenzied action in Blitz Mode. It will definitely please those who love the taste of adrenalin. Or enjoy Tourney Mode which lets you choose a level from the list. On completing a level you are awarded with a trophy.

The system of trophies is an essential part of the game. Like Romance Of Rome, Cradle Of Rome 2 will have an option of publishing the gained trophies online. Players will be able to boast their puzzling skills and compare their results with each other.

Game Artwork

Our artists do their best to create superficially attractive and rich in color images and locations. We are proud of the characters and backdrops we create for our games. Cradle Of Rome 2 is no exception.

We set a new level of graphics and Cradle of Rome 2 can boast of totally new and vibrant backdrops. But what is more important we preserve the atmosphere and style we invented in the original Cradle Of Rome.

†††††Cradle Of Rome 2 backdrop: Mine

†††††Cradle Of Rome 2 backdrop: Port

Game Audio

Speaking about atmosphere of Cradle Of Rome 2, I canít but mention the sound aspect of the game. You will hear already familiar and pleasing tunes but in a new and fresh rendering. The original Cradle Of Rome has distinctive and relaxing soundtracks. Introducing absolutely new music would be very unfair. We donít want to break the harmony of the game. The only thing weíll do is just a little polishing.

Have a look of what we have already prepared for you.

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Developerís Diary. Cradle of Rome 2. Part I Comments:

Trophies: 315 / 422
super graphics good idea more challenges I love first cradle of Rome game. very impatient to play this version. why not a mode multiplayer ?
Trophies: 299 / 422
The video is AWESOME!!! Good work!!! Finished the 1st Cradle Of Rome (more than once) and now waiting imaptinetly for the sequel... As I see the graphics in the sequel is great and realistic as it was in the 1st. It makes me happy... Something new in gameplay... it challenges me as a big fan of match 3. Waiting for more updates
Trophies: 50 / 422
Please don't make it so dark. I had an extremely difficult time on some levels in Rome 1 because I just couldn't see the matches. Some levels were very dark and extremely busy. Please just let it be a game not an eye test ( * _ * )
Avatar cjp
Trophies: 0 / 422
This was supposed to be releases June 24th. What happened?
Avatar puzzler46
Trophies: 0 / 422
I sure hope this releases this month or by October for sure. I am playing Cradle of Rome 1 for the 10th time and really anxious for the new one.