Cradle Of Rome 2 Review. Glory on the Seven Hills

Pros: Innovative Blueprint mini-games. Three game Modes including Blitz and Tourney. Hand-drawn graphics and original soundtracks. Amazing Goodies including Bonus Challenges. Generous Trophy System.

Cons: Careful! Too addicting.

Awem invites you to another exciting trip to the heart of the glorious Roman Empire. Open a new chapter in the history with the long-awaited Cradle Of Rome 2. Will you construct the mighty city of Rome and become its wise Emperor? Play Cradle Of Rome 2 to reveal it!



Cradle Of Rome 2 is the sequel to Cradle of Rome, winner of "People's Choice Award for Best Puzzle Game" in the Zeeby Awards of 2007. Match-3 remains the key genre of the game. Like in the original game you construct the city of Rome. What is essential for building work? Sure, resources like gold, food and supplies. Create chains of three and more identical tiles in a raw to get them. This will clear the matching board and provide you with resources.



For extra challenges some boards have obstacles such as frozen and chained tiles, double marble tablets, etc. And beware of Skulls! They are innovative tiles that add additional marble tablets on the board if you match them.



Beside “resource tiles” you collect bonuses. In Cradle Of Rome 2 there are 8 types of bonuses allowing you to smash several tiles from the matching board at a blow! Another feature of this installment is the opportunity to buy additional time. It is very useful in case you need more time to complete the level.


Cradle Of Rome 2 includes innovative Blueprint mini-games. They are a variety of puzzles that you need to solve in order to get the Blueprint of the building before constructing it.



While progressing through the game you’ll unlock 5 different epochs that will move you to the next status. Thus, from a simple peasant in the beginning of the game to an Emperor of the Roman Empire!



The game offers three game modes. When the game opens, only Adventure mode is available. It is the main game mode with 100 levels of classic match-three puzzles and city construction. Besides, in Cradle Of Rome 2 there are additional Blitz and Tourney modes. Blitz mode calls to complete as many boards as possible and rewards you with cups every several levels. Blitz is an unlimited game mode. Tourney mode allows replay any level already completed in Adventure Mode to win medals.



After completing Adventure mode you can play Bonus Challenges which includes 15 extra levels. The game also features goodies such as original soundtracks from the game, wallpapers, developer’s diary and Tips.



It became a nice tradition for Awem games to reward players with trophies. Cradle Of Rome 2 is generous with unique trophies including 16 citizens and 12 awards. Trophies also can be published online to your Awem profile.



Cradle Of Rome 2 has a remarkable hand-drawn graphics! The backdrops and characters preserve the atmosphere of the original Cradle Of Rome. But at the same time these are totally new images. Besides, Cradle Of Rome 2 features atmospheric relaxing and enchanting sound illustration.

Cradle Of Rome 2 has accumulated all the features that have made the original game so addicting. With additional game modes, innovative Blueprint mini-games, new graphics the game is a worthy sequel to one of the best puzzle games ever.



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