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Cradle Of Rome 2 Developer’s Diary. Part II

                                                                                            “Rome was not built in one day.”
                                                                                                                     John Heywood

It took us over ten months to build Cradle Of Rome 2. The game is almost ready and the dev team is giving the final touch to it. Meanwhile we are glad to share the details of Cradle Of Rome 2 creation.

Cradle Of Rome 2 is most anticipated Awem game. The original Cradle Of Rome set a high bar and we had to do our best to impress the game’s fans and craft the game with most challenging gameplay.

Write your own history

In Cradle of Rome 2 we introduced an intro cut-scene which makes the player feel the maker of the history of the Roman Empire and not just a simple bystander. Since Cradle of Rome 2 is a classic match-3 puzzle, we refused to break the gameplay by short cut-scenes throughout the whole game thus making it more comprehensive.

       Cradle Of Rome 2 Intro


Working on Cradle Of Rome 2 characters, we first tried to base on the personages from the original Cradle Of Rome. Peasant was the first character drawn for the game. When the sketch was ready we realized that our newly born personage is too much alike his prototype.

       Cradle Of Rome Peasant                                     Cradle Of Rome 2 Peasant
                                                                                    looks more realistic

We’ve tried various variants and in the end we got this:

       Peasant: Evolution of the character

Cradle Of Rome 2 characters represent their social ranking: peasant with a basket of vegetables, militant centurion wearing a Roman helmet and, of course, the Emperor who solemnly sits on his throne.

       Cradle Of Rome 2 characters represent your status

Tiles and Bonuses

Apart from visual appeal, we also worked with the functional aspects of the game. It was a great challenge for both artists and designers to create tiles and bonuses that would make Cradle Of Rome 2 different from the original game.

       While some of the bonuses were refused, new ones were creatively brought into the        game. Multigem was replaced by Fireball which brought a new bonus effect.

“I'd really like to have rabbits as in a teaser,” wrote one of our beta-testers. In Cradle Of Rome 2 there are food resources, and at some point we realized that to some players rabbit tiles may associate with meat. So we had to refuse this cute tile.

       Tiles which didn’t get into the game

In the beginning there were only gold coins, but then we decided to verify the gameplay and add extra possibility to earn gold resources.

       Different variants of silver coins and the final one

       New tiles created especially for Cradle Of Rome 2


Since we are building Rome, one of the greatest cities ever, it was essential to keep to a certain style – that of the Roman Empire. Before our artists put the work in hand, they went through numerous encyclopedic materials, watched historic TV shows on Ancient Rome and even went to Italy to derive inspiration from the very heart of the culture.

As a result we fixed on creating more realistic and detailed backgrounds if compared to the first Cradle Of Rome. Still we tried to make the graphics bright and eye candy. If you look at the backgrounds, you’ll see the most famous ancient sights such as an aqueduct, the Pantheon, Coliseum, Forum and more.

       Cradle Of Rome 2 backdrops: Aqueduct and Pantheon

Apart from the most know Roman architectural masterpieces we aimed to show the lush beauty of nature by combining structures together with landscapes. By the way, Cradle of Rome 2 wallpapers are ready to download and you can enjoy beautiful scenes right now.

       Cradle Of Rome 2 backdrops replicate the buildings you construct during the game.
       Backdrops: Lighthouse, Fountains and Hunter’s Hut.

All-new mini-games

When making Cradle Of Rome 2, our main task was to make it a worthy successor of everyone’s favorite Cradle Of Rome. Thus, we kept much to the original gameplay but added a fresh touch by introducing mini-games, new bonuses, special tiles, game boards and levels.

Mini-games is an essential feature which distinguishes Cradle Of Rome 2 from its predecessor. At first it was only one type of mini-games. However, after careful consideration we decided on the following: “Why not have a variety of games?” As the result we fixed on six different types: put pieces together, pares, rotating, jigsaw, memory, and sliding mini-games.

       Some of Cradle Of Rome 2 mini-games

Extra modes of play

After the beta test we got many suggestions about additional modes of play:

       “I’d like to be able to go back and replay any level, for example to get more resources      and bonuses or simply enjoy it without starting the entire game from the beginning.”

       “It would be nice to have to gather certain resources, or work within a very limited time      frame...”

Our main goal was to slightly innovate Cradle Of Rome 2 without losing its original appeal. That’s why we were very careful about the changes to the core gameplay. The two modes represent the variety of the classic match-3 each with its zest. For example, in Tourney Mode the player can replay any level which he already completed in Adventure Mode and win medals. In Blitz Mode the player should work fast in order to get even more time and complete as many boards as possible.

       Tourney and Blitz Modes

Cradle Of Rome 2 is our cherishingly raised child. We’ve been working with all our heart to create an absolutely gorgeous game. Millions and millions people all over the world are waiting to start their journey to the lands of ancient Rome. We did our best to keep the quality high and provide a great experience for Cradle Of Rome fans.

P.S. While you count down days to Cradle Of Rome 2 release, you are welcome to watch the game trailer

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Cradle Of Rome 2 Developer’s Diary. Part II Comments:

Trophies: 274 / 422
I am very excited!!!!!
Trophies: 406 / 422
As one of your very loyal fans, I can't wait to play the entire game. Since Iv'e been to Mt. Olympus 26 times, I really feel like an expert on #1, hope to do the same on#2. I never.........tire of this game.
Trophies: 118 / 422
It looks fabulous! Waiting for the Mac version will be so difficult. How long will we have to endure Nero's fiddle while the PC players burn up the new Rome game boards?
Trophies: 334 / 422
This looks amazing! the graphics are astounding and the inclusion of mini-games will just bring extra delight to this game. I can hardly wait.
Trophies: 23 / 422
Cradle 1 is my favorite. Love this game!! I've made emperor so many times I've lost count. Always go back to it when get boresd with other games, it keeps my interest better than any other. Anyone know day this will be released? Eagerly waiting.
Avatar puzzler46
Trophies: 0 / 422
Already preordered and can't wait to play the final of this new version. I loved the beta and agree that it is extremely well done. Wonderful job!
Avatar lornaduck
Trophies: 0 / 422
This is awesome, I love Crade of Rome 1, can't wait to test Cradle of Rome 2. Bring it on
Trophies: 56 / 422
I hope the clock doesn't run forward very fast on the non beta game. Tourino the last attempt at gold on page 1 has a clock that doesn't time properly (especially using the bomb) so impossible to get gold but maybe this is just the beta? Brilliant game - can't wait for full version.
Trophies: 56 / 422
Now playing the full game!! What a fantastic game - better than the first Cradle even. I am thoroughly enjoying every minute playing. No glitches anywhere:-) Brilliant - Brilliant - Brilliant
Avatar shell
Trophies: 0 / 422
is there a glitch in the "extra's" level 12 it's impossible to break the ice in the left and right bottom squares
Trophies: 55 / 422
Hi Shell - I found this happened several times - the answer is to close the game and go back in. That should do the trick. :-)