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Awem Is The Best IT Company to Work for in Belarus 2012

This great news was written on the faces of happy colleagues from the very morning. This year, Awem has taken part in the competition “Best IT Companies to Work for” in Belarus and got the first prize!

The certificate will take the pride place in our office.

We have never doubted that we are glad to work for Awem. The office has become our second home. But it was great to get the official proof of it.
To hear the results in Minsk, we delegated our design director, director of engineering and HR-manager. The intrigue was in the air till the last moment. It was the first time we took part in such competition and, of course, we were excited about it.

When we heard that we were the first in Belarus, we couldn’t resist screaming. The only words that came first to mind were: “It’s really cool!”

Yes, we did it! We gathered carefully all the employees’ opinions and confirmed that in the morning we are happy to come to work and in the evening we are glad to go home.

In the office, our CEO congratulated us and said: “I am proud that we have such a great team! Thank you for the trust in our projects.”

All our employees have come to the opinion that our dear Awem is really the best IT company in Belarus. Take into the account that the voting was anonymous and each employee could freely express his or her thoughts. But now we can say for sure that we are a reliable and united team.  It says a lot.

Mary, senior business development manager: We knew before that we work for a wonderful company, but now we have officially proved it!!!
Vadim, design director: Heartiest congratulations!.. I am full of joy for our team.
Leonid, PR-manager: Hail victory!!! I am really happy to work for Awem together with all of you!


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They are having fun  Congratulations, AWEM !!!
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Felicitaciones, Awem!  
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Great news and a well-deserved honor! Congratulations, Awem!!
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Congratulations! You deserve the honor!
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